Google will be able to display ads on non-monetized videos.

YouTube is currently working on updating the terms & conditions of its services, allowing Google to display ads on non-monetized content.

Spotify marks the launch of a subscription to Podcasts

Currently, Spotify is reportedly focusing on providing a subscription podcast service, as it aims to provide a service beyond music to its users.

A new feature called Your Episodes for Podcast listeners using Spotify

Spotify has introduced a new feature that allows podcast listeners to save and bookmark their favorite episodes for later listening to podcasts.

Instagram is working to redesign the Home Screen

Years later, Instagram has been redesigning their home screen by adding reels and shop tabs. Newly added to the bottom...

The first human journey in a new Hyperloop transportation system

Hyperloop has completed the first passenger journey on a levitation pod system. At the Las Vegas test site, Virgin Hyperloop executive Josh...

Taiwan Satellite Launch Center launches world’s first 6G technology test satellite

The Long March-6 rocket was recently launched into orbit by the Taiwan Satellite Launch Center. It is a satellite for testing 6G technology. The...

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